Tuesday, November 30, 2010


New Poem!

Really, though, I'm probably way to sleep deprived to post this. I was probably too sleep deprived to even write it. And I'm definitely too sleep deprived to write this-- I just made about 11 hundred typos. Like slepp. And splep. And a bunch of others that you're probably just not interested in. You probably weren't interested in slepp or splep, either, and you're probably not finding this funny. But I have had basically no sleep in the last two days, and tonight isn't looking that good either, and this is entertaining me, dammit.

For serious, though (for serious..) what do you guys think? Do you like it? What do you get from it, if anything? How could I make it better? And stuff like that.


there’s a place
that exists only in the deepest corners of your sighs,
and in the flexings of your breath.

the people there,
or whatever they are,
sail through the rippling currents of your exhales
over and over again
and they never leave you.

they whisper memories when you need them
your favorites
hiding in the tiny pockets of air they find in your chest
as you wait to be shipwrecked.

you’ll never know them
so you'll never be able to see
them breathing, just sometimes, air into their own stories
hidden in blurry blue flecks of beach glass.


  1. This actually reminded me of the beginning of one of the Pirates of the Carribean movie where there's the white desert with the sailboat and Cap'n Jack. I didn't really understand that scene, but that's what the first few stanzas reminded me of.

    This was a really relaxing poem, if that makes any sense. It made me sigh with satisfaction. You have a way with making words flow. Excellent job.

  2. I can see what Megan's getting at with the scene from Pirates. It's really cool it kind of personifies imagination almost at least that's what I took from it. <3 I love your writing.

  3. love it- reminds me of dreams that we sometimes have, that you can't quite remember any details... just the feeling that its on the "tip of your tongue"