Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It Needs to be Christmastime

Really, why do we have to wait until after Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving's a lame holiday. I mean, even ignoring the whole, "Hey, so, actually, we kinda killed the Indians off and stuff, but, hey, let's pretend we didn't!" thing, all Thanksgiving is is eating turkey and pumpkin pie. Which is fine, but nothing you can't do any other day, and not so special that we shouldn't be able to get ready for Christmas until it's over. (Maybe Thanksgiving needs a Santa.)

Personally, I totally think we should start celebrating Christmas now. We should start celebrating Christmas the moment Halloween's over. (This makes sense because Halloween's the second best holiday ever, obviously.)

I mean, Christmastime is the best part of winter. It's a mug of hot chocolate with spoonfuls of cool whip, a candy cane, and a sprinkling of Cinnamon. It's warm chocolate shops with big, frosted windows. It's giant, wet snow flakes that melt on your nose and fill the world with cold, cozy flutterings. It's heavy, heaving, pristine inches of snow coating and draping tree branches on every side of you. It's colorful hats. It's a Christmas tree decorated with the same ornaments you've had your whole life. It's music you only listen to a month or two a year. It's being a kid again. It's Santa. It's fun.

Let's do it, now.


  1. You forgot scarves!!!! Colorful scarves!!!! And yes. It should be Christmas, like, now.