Saturday, January 30, 2010

Write like the Ocean

So, lately I've been feeling kind of uninspired with my writing and basically everything. I think I'm starting to get it back, though. I have a bunch of ideas, but none of them are too solid yet. I still have to work on them. But, here's a poem. I wrote it a few months ago, but I think it fits.

I want to write like the
ocean. I want my thoughts to
roll like waves and
pull like the undertow,
capturing me.
I want them to be as beautiful as a siren
or a mermaid, and as
desolate, as
I want souls to swim to the farthest,
most confusing depths and then come up,
staring into the crystallized rainbow sun
peering through the blurry
shield of the water and then they
hear the seagull’s wail because they’re near
land and everything’s
probably gonna be okay.

I want to look out into the deepest parts of the sea and think,
I helped make that.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lava Lamps are Made of Wax

True Story.

Anyhoo, my beautiful roomie Maggan got a dream dictionary for Christmas. But this isn't just any dream dictionary- it's a racist, offensive dream dictionary. Or, at least, a few of the entries are. So in the spirit of amusement, I'm going to post some of the 'best' ones. Oh, and some of them I'll just posting because they're ridiculous. I mean, some of the entries make no sense, but they aren't all awful.

"Alien: Meeting aliens predicts important changes. See yourself as an alien and valuable friends are about to enter into your life." I dunno, I just can't get the image of little green aliens out of my head...

"Anteater: Bankruptcy could be in the cards if you see an anteater." Oh, well, obviously.

"Barmaid: She relates to your sex life. She's telling you to be a bit more choosey about your partners!" You whore, you.

"Barnacles: These are a sign that you will have a comfortable old age." 'Cause Barnacles are so comfy.

"Beheading: If you are beheaded, success will be yours." Yeah, dude. All that head ever did is hold you back!

"Boy: See an alter boy, and it's a warning to stop being so flighty!" I don't even need to say anything about this one, do I?

"Carcass: A sign of prosperity." But only if you're Bear Grylls.

"Drink: If you're single, a hangover is a warning against casual sex." No sex till marriage, kids, or you'll have another headache in your sleep. And get AIDS. And die.

"Family: To have a son in your dreams signifies success. If he's unmarried you have problems to face. Married, and you're in for some family worries." Wait... I thought this was supposed to be good? Unless there's a way to be neither married nor not married?

"Fish: Put on an act and problems will arise if you dream of jellyfish." Jellyfish are EVIL. Same with Bees.

"Food: Eat fat, and your love life will go well." Wait. Fat as in ice cream and mac n cheese, or... actual fat? Ew.

"Food: A highland Haggis spells money on the way if you eat it." Ach nay, Haggis.

"Food: Stop flirting if you dream of watercress." Watercress: the food of harlots. A.

"Foreign: An Arab is a warning to take care. You could be molested while on a trip." Yeah, this is the racist one. Also, oh shit.

"Foreign: See an Eskimo and money is going to be tight." ??

"Genitals: Dream of diseased sex organs and you've either been overdoing it or sleeping around. Try being a bit more faithful." Yeah. Fucking Whore. A.

"Hunchback: Pleasant news is about to arrive. Touch the hunchback and good luck is yours." Yeah! Hey, everyone; let's go touch the magic cripple!!!!!

"Insects: Bees symbolize hard work and success." No! Bees are EVIL!!! Just like jellyfish!

"Opium: You are mixing with a bad lot." Oh, shit. I always dream about doing opium... sorry, friends. Guess I can't hang out with you guys anymore.

"Rabies: Someone is trying to undermine you and it's probably a so-called friend." One of your friends (sorry, so-called friends) is trying to give you rabies. Sucks.

"Rape: Careless behavior could cost you your reputation. Think carefully or you are bound to disappoint people." .........

"Reading/Writing: Read a book, buy one or receive one and it's a hopeful omen." Okay, I actually do like this one. Books are awesome. Everybody, read. Toes. <3

"Relationships: If a man dreams of bigamy it can mean a loss of virility so go for a medical check-up." *Snicker*. Also, this sentence really needs some commas -.-

"Pirates: Pirates at sea and you will tempted to start an exciting new venture." Arrr, matey. Become a pirate. We have rum.

"Sounds: A lamb bleating says business will prosper. Hear a flock of them at it and your home life will be happy." Seriously, what can't sheep do? They're wicked awesome <3

"Unicorns: Not a good sign." LIES!!!

Oh, and there are way more entries, too. There's like a million. Awesome, horrible book. Amazing.

*for copyright stuffs, the quoted parts aren't mine, they're from The Illustrated Dream Dictionary by Russell Grant. Toes. <3

Friday, January 15, 2010

Technology Hates Me

I'm not even joking. It's like it sees that I suck at it and's like, 'hey, let's have fun and die on her!'

I got my iPod and my laptop about a year and a half ago, and since then I've gone through two laptop chargers, and my laptop's screen. Well, now my iPod's breaking. I mean, it works fine if I don't touch it while I'm listening to it, but if I do, especially in the part where the ear buds connect to it, the sound gets all messed up. I still listen to it, but it's wicked annoying, and I'm worried that pretty soon it might actually die. And, naturally, my iPod isn't the only thing to be acting up. My macbook is, too. Sort of. I mean, all it does is buzz once in a while. I don't actually know if it's a big deal, but whenever anyone hears it, they always say that it could be really bad.

So, now I'm trying to backup my iTunes. Compared basically everyone else, I don't have that much music. I only have about 1400 songs. Still, the website I'm using is making me upload my music 5 songs at a time. I've been going at it for almost two hours, and I've only just got to the 'D's. It's awful. I think I'm going to take a break in about a half hour so that I can do the homework I have to do by midnight. Sigh. Don't you love life?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Yay, Pocahontas! We've been listening to a lot of the old school (you know, good) Disney songs lately. I'd forgotten how great they are. Oh, and we watched Mulan. I know, right? Wicked Epic. I love life, sometimes.

This semester, though, is gonna be wicked hectic. It's going to be full of sleep deprivation and too many classes. And a bunch of them I don't even want to take (*cough* Core. *cough* Journalism). But I'd rather concentrate on the positives, you know? And I am pretty stoked about Intermediate Creative Writing. So, at least I have one class I can love, even though it's at night.

Oh, and we have snow, finally. Lots of snow. The kind that makes you want to run outside and jump in, only to find out that most of it is too frozen and kinda hurts. So, it's technically not the best kind (most of it's a bit old), but it's beautiful anyway, especially after the extra couple inches we got today. I'm not sure whether I like the slush, though. I mean, it definitely makes life an adventure. Every step you take, you never know if you're going to fall or not. It's even more exciting when you cross the street. Then, every step is life or death, which, when you think about it, is pretty bad ass. On the other hand, getting wet isn't cool.

Oh, and for Megan:

She decided to Defy Gravity and be On Her Own. She told her boyfriend that You Can't Always Get What You Want and It's My Life. She said, Keep Holding On, but we aren't what we once were. It's time to Take Chances and make some changes.
Her boyfriend protested. He said, but My Life Would Suck Without You. You Keep Me Hangin' On!
Don't Stop Believin'! Meg said.
But, he said, we had an Endless Love! Don't Hate On Me! Don't Rain On My Parade! Don't make me Dance With Myself! I'm Crazy In Love! You're so Bootylicious!
Push it, Meg said.
But, I'll always Stand By You!
No, she said, Don't Stand So Close to Me!

Yes, that's a summery of what happened using Glee songs. Yes, I'm lame. Peace.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Turkeys from Massachusetts are Smaht

Except really not, because they tend to just stand in the middle of the road, even when there are cars in front of them, trying to move. Either that, or they get chased by cats and then get stuck in trees. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that, though.