Saturday, January 30, 2010

Write like the Ocean

So, lately I've been feeling kind of uninspired with my writing and basically everything. I think I'm starting to get it back, though. I have a bunch of ideas, but none of them are too solid yet. I still have to work on them. But, here's a poem. I wrote it a few months ago, but I think it fits.

I want to write like the
ocean. I want my thoughts to
roll like waves and
pull like the undertow,
capturing me.
I want them to be as beautiful as a siren
or a mermaid, and as
desolate, as
I want souls to swim to the farthest,
most confusing depths and then come up,
staring into the crystallized rainbow sun
peering through the blurry
shield of the water and then they
hear the seagull’s wail because they’re near
land and everything’s
probably gonna be okay.

I want to look out into the deepest parts of the sea and think,
I helped make that.


  1. i love it! even if it is appearing in webdings!!!

  2. Ok, it's back to normal. Hopefully it isn't going to go all 'sfopjgnifdv webdings dljkfgnld you can't read anything I just posted hahahaha hdfgnhdfg' again. Gah.

  3. OMG Ashley that's absolutely beautiful! You are so amazing and everything you write is pure art :)Love it!!! Keep writing girl I love that you are back in the swing of it.