Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Yay, Pocahontas! We've been listening to a lot of the old school (you know, good) Disney songs lately. I'd forgotten how great they are. Oh, and we watched Mulan. I know, right? Wicked Epic. I love life, sometimes.

This semester, though, is gonna be wicked hectic. It's going to be full of sleep deprivation and too many classes. And a bunch of them I don't even want to take (*cough* Core. *cough* Journalism). But I'd rather concentrate on the positives, you know? And I am pretty stoked about Intermediate Creative Writing. So, at least I have one class I can love, even though it's at night.

Oh, and we have snow, finally. Lots of snow. The kind that makes you want to run outside and jump in, only to find out that most of it is too frozen and kinda hurts. So, it's technically not the best kind (most of it's a bit old), but it's beautiful anyway, especially after the extra couple inches we got today. I'm not sure whether I like the slush, though. I mean, it definitely makes life an adventure. Every step you take, you never know if you're going to fall or not. It's even more exciting when you cross the street. Then, every step is life or death, which, when you think about it, is pretty bad ass. On the other hand, getting wet isn't cool.

Oh, and for Megan:

She decided to Defy Gravity and be On Her Own. She told her boyfriend that You Can't Always Get What You Want and It's My Life. She said, Keep Holding On, but we aren't what we once were. It's time to Take Chances and make some changes.
Her boyfriend protested. He said, but My Life Would Suck Without You. You Keep Me Hangin' On!
Don't Stop Believin'! Meg said.
But, he said, we had an Endless Love! Don't Hate On Me! Don't Rain On My Parade! Don't make me Dance With Myself! I'm Crazy In Love! You're so Bootylicious!
Push it, Meg said.
But, I'll always Stand By You!
No, she said, Don't Stand So Close to Me!

Yes, that's a summery of what happened using Glee songs. Yes, I'm lame. Peace.

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