Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rainy Day

The rain's really nice when you're not forced to be outside (or productive.) It's cozy. I mean, I get to just sit on my bed, surrounded by homework (which I'm toes not doing... I mean, what's cozy and happy about working? Nothing.) and listen to the rain. I'm thinking of maybe watching a movie until Velvet gets here, but I might not even do that. Right now, the beauty of the rain's enough.

There's a tiny porch with a roof right under the windows in front of me, so I get to hear the rain drops landing and bouncing especially loudly. If I got up and opened the window shades, I could even see it, but I'm feeling too lazy. Today's an extremely lazy day. It's kind of spectacular.

I love the way the cars sound, as they splash past in the wet. They almost sound like thunder, but you know there's life inside. It's a moody feeling, but somehow extremely content. I love being in cars during rain storms. There's something incredible about being safe and dry and warm, while only inches away from you, everything is freezing and wet, especially when you can see it all, falling on the cold glass above you. When you're in the car, and you pass by soaking trees and houses with lights on, and you are so comfortable that you might as well be in bed with a million blankets over you, everything feels perfect. Especially when it's, as it is now, just starting to get dark. Later, you'll have to get out of the warmth and into the rain, running and laughing with your keys to the front door, but you don't think about that now. You just think about how content you are with how you are in the world. And maybe about making some hot chocolate.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tapes n' Butter

I've been a really bad blogger lately. Sorry about that. I've been wicked busy, what with going to Meg's house, Halloween festivities, other festivities, and too much homework.

It was all kind of awesome (except for the homework) (and certain other things).

Did you know that in Lyndonville, Vermont, you can still buy VHS tapes? I mean, I haven't seen those for sale since like 1990. Basically. Oh, and they also sell butter shaped like turkey. It's pretty legit.