Friday, October 30, 2009

What is it with this year??

I mean, so many people have died. There have been kids our age, and random celebrities. But it just hasn't stopped.

A kid in our grade died last night. I didn't really know him, but he was in my core classes. I was in class with him the day he died. That is so freaky to me. It's never happened before. I mean, I've never seen anyone hours before they died. And people our age aren't supposed to die. And he had just turned 21. I mean, how awful is that? You're finally really free, and you die. That's so not supposed to happen.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

just another self indulgent post

For my creative nonfiction class, we're supposed to write memoirs. Not really long ones- just about 5000 words. (Okay; for any other paper, that's long, but it really isn't when you talk about your whole life.) It's kind of fun. It's making me really nostalgic, too. Nostalgia's really weird. I mean, I know that technically the 90s weren't perfect in every way (just in most ways,) but that doesn't stop me from feeling that they were.

The 90s honestly were the best decade of my life. I was almost always happy. Then 2000 came and literally everything changed. I mean, my life's great now, but for a long time it wasn't. But that's not the part of my life I feel like talking about.

The 90s. It's kind of weird... they actually had a lot of really ugly clothes, especially back in the beginning of the decade (um, shoulder pads??) but whenever I see old pictures from back then, I miss it. Even the ugly clothes. And of course, there were also the undeniably amazing things. There was Toy Story, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Kablam, Game Boy Color, Face, Beanie Babies, Furbies (well, that's one's debatable, but I thought it was pretty awesome. I had a pink baby Furbie. It died the tragic death of being thrown down the stairs.) There were pizza lunchables, frozen gogurt, those weird plastic juice bottles you got at lunch that you could put pills in the make the juice change color, baby bottle pops, the Macarena, see-saws and merry-go-rounds actually being at playgrounds, those weird curly shoelaces (that my parents never got me...) and way too many other things.

I remember one time at Meghan's house, we (I think Tanya was there, too?) were sort of messing with a swan and it chased us. And then there was the year when all of our parents got treadmills and we got to play with the enormous boxes. We'd get in them, turn them up, and then tip them over. Lame, maybe, but wicked fun, too.

Tanya was the first one of us to have a computer, and she had the most games. One of them was a Barbie game where you designed outfits. We always made the ugliest ones we could, and then we'd print them out into what we considered our magazine, Idiocy Inc. My brother helped name it. And then there was the American Girl one. in that computer game, you positioned the girls and other characters and props and made plays. There was a male voice for the male characters and a female one for the girls, but they both really sounded identical. They were both computer generated, worse than monotone, and couldn't sound out even the most common words correctly. Sometimes we'd make them say things like "hfsoddsjjkkaoaurrrghsk," just to hear them pronounce it, but usually we'd have them say the things that we, at about nine, thought were totally clever and risque. They weren't, particularly, but it was fun. <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orange M&Ms are really ugly

I'm at my work study job in the library, eating one of those barely-bigger than-funsize things of m&ms. I'm wicked tired because it's way too early for any sane person to be out of bed. Being tired makes you notice things you otherwise wouldn't (and not notice things you usually would, but that's obvious,) so as I'm eating the m&ms, one by one, I look down, and it's just like, orange m&ms are hideously unattractive. Especially next to the green ones- it's like aliens wearing those horrible neon hunting jackets. Those things don't suit anyone, but especially not anyone with lime green skin.

Also, the library now has a defibrillator. So, in case you ever need... defibrillating, you know where to go.

Monday, October 26, 2009

So... like, the dorm's haunted..

Like, really. I mean, I lived in Jensen freshman year and even though it's supposed to be, it totally isn't. They only thing that ever happened at Jensen was the fire door opening at two in the morning. That was annoying, but, I mean, that was the *only* thing to happen all year.

At Feeley, we've been here not even two months, and things have happened. For example, when the windows aren't locked, the sort of pop open. Every morning at 7:44 the TV in the common room turns on to that weird channel with the bars of colors going down it. It turns off just before 8. Also, we've had about a million things go missing, only to be found later in totally random places. We've lost and found a birth certificate, a wall hanging, big plastic water bottles, eye liner, keys, sun glasses, books, a camera, a silver purse filled with quarters, and a hat. And there have probably been other things I just can't remember. The point is that this basically only ever happens in Feeley. It never happened to me in Jensen, or at my house. It's the same for my roomies.

This might or might not have anything to do with a haunting, but there are five of us on the second floor. Well, out of the five of us, four of us have had out laptops break at least once in the past two months. And Rachell, who's the only one with a so far okay laptop, had her two-and-a-half year old truck break down.

So far, I've only mentioned what's happened in the common room and the triple. Rachell and Brittany live in the double, and they've had a lot of things happen there. They have had picture frames fly off the wall and they've heard whispering. One time, Brittany saw a girl standing in the closet. She looked like Rachell but, you know, wasn't.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Paranormal Activity= fucking scary movie. Seriously, it was terrifying. Katie is going to get us all. Also, I really want to play with the ouija board but the roomies won't let me. So I'll tell a story instead. This is pretty much how my mom told it to me, as far as I can remember.

When my mom was a kid (about thirteen, I think?), she and my Aunt Sue got out their ouija board, grabbed their cat and some candles, and went down to the basement. They lit the candles and sat around the board. They put their fingers on the stylus, and began.
"Is there a spirit in this room?" they asked.
After a few chilly moments, the stylus slowly moved to "yes."
They stared at it, neither one saying anything. Then, "Who are you?"
"C-O-N-A-N-D-R-E." (My mom figured that meant his name was Con Andre, but who knows? Maybe it was Conan Dre, or 'with Andre.' It's creepy, though.)
"Are you evil?"
"Are you leaving?" they asked. Now they were afraid.
"Yes," it said. All at once, the candles blew out, the cat ran off, its fur standing on end, and they heard breaks squealing from the driveway.

Sometime later, my mom was standing by her mirror, brushing her hair. She looked away for a second, and when she looked back at her reflection, she saw a man sitting on her bed behind her. He was middle aged and wore an old suit and bowler hat. My mom turned around. The bed was empty. She ran out of the room.
This happened repeatedly, to herself and friends who sometimes slept over, until her family moved away. She thinks, though, that the man was Con Andre.

The only time anything ever happened to me when I played with a ouija board, it wasn't real. I was nine and at my friend Tanya's house. It was the glow in the dark kind, she'd only just got it and we were both wicked excited to play with it. We went down to her playroom in the basement, and turned off the lights. After that, I can't remember the exact events, but she made the ouija board say that it was Marilyn Monroe speaking, and she was gonna kill me. I was only nine- I had no idea who Marilyn Monroe even was, but I totally believed her. I think I was a bit hysterical; I was definitely freaking out. I mean, Marilyn Monroe was going to fucking kill me. It was terrifying. Of course now, it's just wicked funny. But watch it be true... if I ever just die, it was probably Marilyn Monroe, finally getting her revenge or whatever. That or it was Katie from Paranormal Activity. Both are quite likely, really. Or not. Whatevs.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

I caused a car crash

Well, not really. Or at all. I just thought it sounded, you know, catchier than 'I saw a car crash and some shit went down.'

Jess and I had to go to to Price Chopper to get some hummus (and her pay check)... did you know, by the way, that black bean hummus is kinda amazing? Because I didn't either, until like ten minutes ago. It's kinda spectacular. ANYWAY, we were coming back and it was wicked cold, wicked windy, and it was pouring rain. As we were crossing some cross walk, I fell. I got up and took maybe one step. I fell again. I basically started cracking up, because it was really entertaining in its patheticness. Well, as soon as I got to the sidewalk, my bag broke, and suddently there was chocolate and goldfish everywhere (luckily, the hummus was in the other bag). As I was picking it all up, joking about how that totally would happen to me, two cars slammed into each other, right where I'd been standing moments before. It actually wasn't a horrible crash and no one was hurt, so that was good. But it was just so ridiculous it was funny. And we basically didn't stop laughing until after we got to the dorm. It was, as Megan would say, epic.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm $411 poorer. It sucks.

The title kinda says it all. Except for why I lost such a horrible amount of money, which I suppose is a pretty important part. Well, my computer broke. The screen of it, at least. It sucks. Now not only can I not facebook at the dorm, but I can't do my homework there, and it's midterm season. I won't get my macbook back for a week. And I basically have no money.

But I have been having some fun lately. Likeeeeee going to the mall, taking pictures next to the shirtless dude in front of Abercrombie and Fitch and the Verizon people, walking downtown at midnight with a random posse of people behind us singing, shooting a movie, and various other more devious activities. And hanging out with the best roommates (Ryan included, since he's basically one of us) ever. Yeah, life's good. Except for the whole my-laptop-broke-and-now-I'm-even-poorer-than-before thing

Friday, October 16, 2009


So, the blog I made like a month ago and then finally got around to try to use yesterday won't work.  So I have this one instead.  Exciting, I know.  Anyway, this is going to a really short and uninteresting post because I have to leave to go to a meeting with my adviser in like 10 minutes... I get to figure out what to do next semester with my classes and such.  Later today (maybe, last time it took me a month to get the motivation to try to post something,) I'll post about some of our shenanigans n shit.

The n shit's a Feeley joke, by the way.  Kinda hard to explain, but it's amazing.  Trust me.