Friday, October 23, 2009


Paranormal Activity= fucking scary movie. Seriously, it was terrifying. Katie is going to get us all. Also, I really want to play with the ouija board but the roomies won't let me. So I'll tell a story instead. This is pretty much how my mom told it to me, as far as I can remember.

When my mom was a kid (about thirteen, I think?), she and my Aunt Sue got out their ouija board, grabbed their cat and some candles, and went down to the basement. They lit the candles and sat around the board. They put their fingers on the stylus, and began.
"Is there a spirit in this room?" they asked.
After a few chilly moments, the stylus slowly moved to "yes."
They stared at it, neither one saying anything. Then, "Who are you?"
"C-O-N-A-N-D-R-E." (My mom figured that meant his name was Con Andre, but who knows? Maybe it was Conan Dre, or 'with Andre.' It's creepy, though.)
"Are you evil?"
"Are you leaving?" they asked. Now they were afraid.
"Yes," it said. All at once, the candles blew out, the cat ran off, its fur standing on end, and they heard breaks squealing from the driveway.

Sometime later, my mom was standing by her mirror, brushing her hair. She looked away for a second, and when she looked back at her reflection, she saw a man sitting on her bed behind her. He was middle aged and wore an old suit and bowler hat. My mom turned around. The bed was empty. She ran out of the room.
This happened repeatedly, to herself and friends who sometimes slept over, until her family moved away. She thinks, though, that the man was Con Andre.

The only time anything ever happened to me when I played with a ouija board, it wasn't real. I was nine and at my friend Tanya's house. It was the glow in the dark kind, she'd only just got it and we were both wicked excited to play with it. We went down to her playroom in the basement, and turned off the lights. After that, I can't remember the exact events, but she made the ouija board say that it was Marilyn Monroe speaking, and she was gonna kill me. I was only nine- I had no idea who Marilyn Monroe even was, but I totally believed her. I think I was a bit hysterical; I was definitely freaking out. I mean, Marilyn Monroe was going to fucking kill me. It was terrifying. Of course now, it's just wicked funny. But watch it be true... if I ever just die, it was probably Marilyn Monroe, finally getting her revenge or whatever. That or it was Katie from Paranormal Activity. Both are quite likely, really. Or not. Whatevs.



  1. That's intense! Paranormal Activity WAS some scary stuff. I love that we were cuddle/huddle buddies through the entire thing.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA Marilyn Monroe is gonna fucking kill me! Paranormal activity was some shit. It was awesome! :O