Wednesday, October 28, 2009

just another self indulgent post

For my creative nonfiction class, we're supposed to write memoirs. Not really long ones- just about 5000 words. (Okay; for any other paper, that's long, but it really isn't when you talk about your whole life.) It's kind of fun. It's making me really nostalgic, too. Nostalgia's really weird. I mean, I know that technically the 90s weren't perfect in every way (just in most ways,) but that doesn't stop me from feeling that they were.

The 90s honestly were the best decade of my life. I was almost always happy. Then 2000 came and literally everything changed. I mean, my life's great now, but for a long time it wasn't. But that's not the part of my life I feel like talking about.

The 90s. It's kind of weird... they actually had a lot of really ugly clothes, especially back in the beginning of the decade (um, shoulder pads??) but whenever I see old pictures from back then, I miss it. Even the ugly clothes. And of course, there were also the undeniably amazing things. There was Toy Story, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Kablam, Game Boy Color, Face, Beanie Babies, Furbies (well, that's one's debatable, but I thought it was pretty awesome. I had a pink baby Furbie. It died the tragic death of being thrown down the stairs.) There were pizza lunchables, frozen gogurt, those weird plastic juice bottles you got at lunch that you could put pills in the make the juice change color, baby bottle pops, the Macarena, see-saws and merry-go-rounds actually being at playgrounds, those weird curly shoelaces (that my parents never got me...) and way too many other things.

I remember one time at Meghan's house, we (I think Tanya was there, too?) were sort of messing with a swan and it chased us. And then there was the year when all of our parents got treadmills and we got to play with the enormous boxes. We'd get in them, turn them up, and then tip them over. Lame, maybe, but wicked fun, too.

Tanya was the first one of us to have a computer, and she had the most games. One of them was a Barbie game where you designed outfits. We always made the ugliest ones we could, and then we'd print them out into what we considered our magazine, Idiocy Inc. My brother helped name it. And then there was the American Girl one. in that computer game, you positioned the girls and other characters and props and made plays. There was a male voice for the male characters and a female one for the girls, but they both really sounded identical. They were both computer generated, worse than monotone, and couldn't sound out even the most common words correctly. Sometimes we'd make them say things like "hfsoddsjjkkaoaurrrghsk," just to hear them pronounce it, but usually we'd have them say the things that we, at about nine, thought were totally clever and risque. They weren't, particularly, but it was fun. <3


  1. I miss the 90s too. :( Why does the world suck so much these days?

  2. they should do the Macarena on "So You Think You Can Dance"! then maybe I'd watch... (doubt it) OH! and we got the latest American Girl delivered to the house a week ago. Now there are Bitty Baby Twins!!! a boy and a girl!!! So adorable...

  3. hahaha i remember all those things! life was so simple and spectacular back then! :D