Monday, October 26, 2009

So... like, the dorm's haunted..

Like, really. I mean, I lived in Jensen freshman year and even though it's supposed to be, it totally isn't. They only thing that ever happened at Jensen was the fire door opening at two in the morning. That was annoying, but, I mean, that was the *only* thing to happen all year.

At Feeley, we've been here not even two months, and things have happened. For example, when the windows aren't locked, the sort of pop open. Every morning at 7:44 the TV in the common room turns on to that weird channel with the bars of colors going down it. It turns off just before 8. Also, we've had about a million things go missing, only to be found later in totally random places. We've lost and found a birth certificate, a wall hanging, big plastic water bottles, eye liner, keys, sun glasses, books, a camera, a silver purse filled with quarters, and a hat. And there have probably been other things I just can't remember. The point is that this basically only ever happens in Feeley. It never happened to me in Jensen, or at my house. It's the same for my roomies.

This might or might not have anything to do with a haunting, but there are five of us on the second floor. Well, out of the five of us, four of us have had out laptops break at least once in the past two months. And Rachell, who's the only one with a so far okay laptop, had her two-and-a-half year old truck break down.

So far, I've only mentioned what's happened in the common room and the triple. Rachell and Brittany live in the double, and they've had a lot of things happen there. They have had picture frames fly off the wall and they've heard whispering. One time, Brittany saw a girl standing in the closet. She looked like Rachell but, you know, wasn't.

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  1. if any of you stand at my bed and stare at me for three hours in the same spot at night, i will punch you. fair warning. lmfao