Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orange M&Ms are really ugly

I'm at my work study job in the library, eating one of those barely-bigger than-funsize things of m&ms. I'm wicked tired because it's way too early for any sane person to be out of bed. Being tired makes you notice things you otherwise wouldn't (and not notice things you usually would, but that's obvious,) so as I'm eating the m&ms, one by one, I look down, and it's just like, orange m&ms are hideously unattractive. Especially next to the green ones- it's like aliens wearing those horrible neon hunting jackets. Those things don't suit anyone, but especially not anyone with lime green skin.

Also, the library now has a defibrillator. So, in case you ever need... defibrillating, you know where to go.


  1. hahahaha i toes pictured an alien wearing a hunting jacket!!!