Thursday, October 22, 2009

I caused a car crash

Well, not really. Or at all. I just thought it sounded, you know, catchier than 'I saw a car crash and some shit went down.'

Jess and I had to go to to Price Chopper to get some hummus (and her pay check)... did you know, by the way, that black bean hummus is kinda amazing? Because I didn't either, until like ten minutes ago. It's kinda spectacular. ANYWAY, we were coming back and it was wicked cold, wicked windy, and it was pouring rain. As we were crossing some cross walk, I fell. I got up and took maybe one step. I fell again. I basically started cracking up, because it was really entertaining in its patheticness. Well, as soon as I got to the sidewalk, my bag broke, and suddently there was chocolate and goldfish everywhere (luckily, the hummus was in the other bag). As I was picking it all up, joking about how that totally would happen to me, two cars slammed into each other, right where I'd been standing moments before. It actually wasn't a horrible crash and no one was hurt, so that was good. But it was just so ridiculous it was funny. And we basically didn't stop laughing until after we got to the dorm. It was, as Megan would say, epic.


  1. This was kind of awesome!!!! Hahahahaha. I wish I had gone with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG this is kinda hilarious hahahaha LMFAO I'm glad ur ok :)