Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I did this semester (when I had my camera with me)

For one thing, I got a new claddagh ring! Not from Ireland, but it's still pretty. Though, that happened yesterday, and for now I'm only talking about this semester. (During which, two more rings fell off my finger and got lost. Seriously, if I ever get married I'll have to glue that bitch to my finger).

ANYWAY. Things that happened:

We went to Emily's Bridge at midnight, and didn't die! Yay!

It's a pretty creepy place.

Had lots of girls' nights.

Visited Meg and Ryan's homeland in the Northeast Kingdom.

Celebrated 3 nights of Halloween (5 if you count the low-key candy and horror movie nights).

Night One!

Night Two!

Night Three!

Had more girls' nights.

Celebrated Christmas, tastefully.

And took everything very, very seriously, at all times.


Okay, you guys. I haven't posted in a million, billion infinity whatever years, for a lot of reasons that I'm pretty sure aren't actually interesting, even to me.

But I promise to post something tomorrow!

(Or maybe the next day.)