Monday, November 29, 2010

It's not break anymore! D:

I like relaxing. I like not stressing about things. Thanksgiving break was full of all the loveliness, but now that it's over, I'm totally distraught. (I love that word.) Especially since having only three weeks of school left means no relaxing and lots of stressing. I don't even have enough time in my schedule for pretty walks. Sadness.

I went on a really nice walk during break. It was much too short, because I woke up at about two, which is practically when the sun goes down on Cape. But I could smell wood smoke the whole time.

Wood smoke equals the best smell ever. It's even better than just-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Then, the bus ride up to Vermont was fantastically relaxing, too. I got the window seat in both buses (I have to take one from the Cape to Boston, and then from Boston to Burlington. Okay, that part's pretty lame) because I have mad window seat obtaining powers. Seriously, there can be one window seat left, and I'll get it. Or, there won't be any, but the person I sit next to will give it to me without any prompting. It's kinda awesome.

Oh, and you know, Vermont is really pretty. Really gorgeous. And the thing about driving in it is you get to see it all. Mountains speckled with snow. Leafless trees swaying in the breeze like feathers. Sheep. Whenever the bus passed an especially amazing bit of scenery, literally everyone turned to stare at it, even the people who didn't look like they'd be into it. That was kind of fun.

Another thing, I love how Vermont doesn't get rid of its dilapidated barns. They are just so wicked awesome looking, and they're basically screaming to be explored. (So, anyone with a car? Wanna?)

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