Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh, Hey

I'm even more officially going to Ireland! Plane tickets equal bought. Now, I just hope that the plane doesn't crash. And that we don't get any turbulence, because if that happened, I know I'd freak out really pathetically. People would point and laugh. It would be terrible.

I kind of wish I could skip the plane ride all together, though. Or, take a boat. That would be pretty badass, actually. I could be all, "I'm on a boat," and then everybody'd be all, "aw shit!" and get wicked jealous. And since I was a pirate for Halloween, I could totally wear my costume on the boat or something. Like, the whole time. Which would definitely be the best thing ever. Basically.

I'm really tired. I promise I'll have a real blog post soon, though!


  1. hahahaha yes sweetie you could take a boat to Ireland. Which one? Oh, I don't know maybe the Titanic? hahaha it's okay hun everything will be fine. A worst case scenario can happen for any situation but just think of all the fun you're going to have in Ireland. I know you're scared, but it's going to be wicked awesome. <3 Love you! and it's good to see you blog again!

  2. Ireland will be a total blast, no worries. :)

  3. well, at least of it were the Titanic, I know how to swim. Fly? Not so much.

  4. ps that last post? actually Ashley. On Megan's account. Climbin in her windows n shit.