Friday, November 19, 2010

I Woke Up Flapping My Arms

True story, actually.

I had the weirdest dream last night, though I really just remember the end of it.

I was walking along the beach with Michael Cera and some really, really British actor with brown hair who may or may not be a real person. (Also, the British actor earlier told me that the Christmas Tree Shops that do the best are the ones with the most books. Pretty sure that's not true, but that's actually the only part of the dream I remember that wasn't at the very end.)

We kept walking farther and farther along the beach, talking about something I can't remember. I started to walk through a tide pool, when the little shrimp swimming in it rose out of the water and started to fly. Oh, holy shit. They began flying all around me, buzzing and buzzing. I freaked out, of course, and waved my arms around like a crazy person terrified of being bitten. Which I was still doing when I woke up. It was pretty awkward. And really terrifying, actually. I don't do bugs. Nor little fish turned into bugs. Especially not them.

It was wicked sketch.


  1. Okay, so this title made me laugh before I even got to the post post. hahahahaha <33 I'm sorry you got attacked by little flying shrimp. Ain't that some shit!

    I still think this dream is better than the one I had about Luke being a stalker last night. That was very awk.

    Good luck finding chocolate-covered coffee beans at City Market today, hun!!!


    P.S. PLEASE have a safe break.

  2. what is with the weird sea creatures these days? Remember my dream about the beached shark where in I spoke in a British accent to confuse the shark. (A confused shark will not bite, obviously)

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm sorry it was scary hun but from an outsider's perspective that's hilarious lmfao Oh! and can I get Michael Cera's autograph while you're in dream world with him? hahaha <33333 have a fantastic break! Love you! <333

  4. Dear Magan,

    What if I don't want to have a safe break? Yeah?

    Love, Ashley <3 <3 <3

    PS. Tell FlyRy I say no, betch. Also tell him that he's a betch <3