Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nigel Thornberry. Nnnghjshsnort.

Lately has been ridiculous. In someways awful, in someways not awful, and in someways just weird. In lots of ways really confusing. I'm not going to go to in depth, because this is the interwebs and stuff, but it was the kind of week (well, the end half of it) where everything felt blurred and impossible. Like, true story, wednesday felt like tuesday and thursday combined, while thursday felt like wednesday.

Oh, and I saw some guy sleeping on a roof, in windy, 20 degree weather.

And we still haven't had actual snow. The fuck, right?

Well, I'll leave with the parting words of the immortal and smashing (poppet) Nigel Thornberry, "Ngnnggisdffff."

*Not my picture. The interweb's picture. Though it is my facebook profile picture. I think there's a striking resemblance.


  1. Obvs. LMFAO!!! I wish I had seen our lovely neighbor sleeping on his roof in 20 degree weather. That would have made my entire month, actually. :) But until that happens next, I suppose I'll just have to sit tight and look at exotic pictures of Nigel and Eliza online?

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I wish I could have seen the guy sleeping on the roof too! I toes know what you mean except it seems like this whole week plus this weekend have all combined together into a mass of Toys and school :P MARYANN!!! DSAJFNADSKJFNASGNHDFGNLInaf