Sunday, December 26, 2010

15 days

I leave for Ireland in 15 days, counting today,

Really. It's wicked crazy. I don't even know how to express the craziness of it. But, I'm wicked excited. And I haven't posted in ages because I'm lazy and sleep too much. But not really, because there's no such thing as sleeping too much.

I'm still not too stoked about the plane ride. I'm worried that I'll magically get on the wrong flight and then end up in Portugal or Oregon or Antarctica. Well, not really. Or sort of. But, no. Really, I'm worried that just something will go wrong and everything will suck, even if only for a while. Rationally, people fly on planes all the time without anything going wrong. But there's always the thought that, what if I get on the wrong flight? And there's no way I can get on another one for ages. And then my luggage gets stolen. And then the plane blows up. Okay. I'm exaggerating, a little. A lot. But, what if? Honestly, it would just be so much more amazing if I could just avoid the whole plane process, and just, somehow... get there.

Someone should work on that. Inventing magic. Or something.

Anyway, I got a camera for Christmas! So, I can actually take pictures. I'm not going to have my phone in Ireland, so it'll be pretty nifty.

Honestly, I can't wait.

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