Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Got Laughed at by a Group of Irish School Children

True story, actually.

I was walking back from class with a couple of my friends, talking. I don't remember about what, but I'm sure it was ridiculously interesting and stuff. Anyway, as this was all going on, we started to walk past a group of little seven year old girls. Who promptly burst out laughing. One even gleefully shouted, "her voice!"

I was sad. Except not, because I figured they were talking about my accent. That would be understandable, right? American accents are probably pretty weird. But, according to Amber and Ashley, the friends I was walking with, they were definitely talking about the pitch of my voice. Huh. My life.

Bright side? I can add that to my list of authentic Irish experiences. First Guinness- check. First visit to the rugged Irish seaside- check. First time being made fun of by toddlers- check.