Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Can Finally Have a Drinking Post

Because, in Ireland, I'm totally legal. My money doesn't like it so much, but it can be quiet for a little while. I figure that for the first week, I can spend a bit and not worry.

I actually meant to have my first pub experience on Tuesday, the day I got in, but I ended up accidentally falling asleep at 3PM. My excuse is that I had slept maybe two hours in the previous two nights combined, and I was (still am, actually. It's wicked annoying) getting over being really really sick. So, I didn't wake up until about one or two in the morning. Then, I couldn't fall back asleep, which was really just strange because although I sometimes have insomnia, I can always go back to sleep. It's how I've perfected sleeping over 16 hours some nights.

Anyhoo, my first pub was actually the Guinness Factory. I went with a bunch of my friends, and it was really fun. We all got a pint of guinness at the end of the tour, in the sky bar. The sky bar is on the seventh floor. The eighth floor in American. The ceilings are pretty high, too, so we were really high up. Oh, and I should mention that the tour bit of Guinness Factory is shaped like a pint glass-- the world's largest pint glass-- and we were on the top bit of it. Not only is that pretty fun to think about, but since the walls are all glass, the view is just amazing. It was perfect. It was dusk, and Dublin's lights were all on and glowing beautifully. The actual guinness ended up being my least favorite part of it all, but that's hardly surprising. I've never come across a beer that I actually like. But, it's something you just have to try in Ireland. And, it was my first legal drink ever. My first drink in public.

My second drink was much more delicious. I actually think it should be sort of counted as my first drink, since it was the first one I chose and the first one I paid for. Ordering it was kind of funny, since it was an orgasm. But it was amazing. Best drink I've ever, ever had. I can't remember everything that was in it, but there was Kahlua, amaretto liqueur, some other stuff, and ice cream. I got a strawberry daiquiri after that, which was perfectly lovely, but I don't think anything could top the orgasm.

That last sentence? Yeah. Whoever named that drink was really mean, and really smart.

We went to the Brazen Head after that. The Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Ireland. According to google, it was built in 1198. So, yeah. Old. And awesome. The first thing we noticed when we got there was the singing. We got our drinks (I got a gin and tonic, which was pretty good) and followed the sound of the music. It was traditional Irish music, sung amazingly by these, of course, Irish singers. The pub was just full enough that it was perfectly cozy without being crowded, and everyone was clapping to the music. It was all so cheery and amazing and Irish. That was the moment it really hit me that we were in Ireland, because that was how Ireland was supposed to be. It might have been the best moment of the night. I think it was. It was fantastic.

Oh, and guess what? I didn't get carded at any of the pubs, and I went to three. And people usually make fun of me for looking 15. Well, I'm proud. And stoked. And can't wait for tonight.

I promise my next post will have pictures! I haven't been taking as many as I planned yet, but it'll happen.


  1. awww i miss you darling. I'm so glad you're having a good time and the orgasm? awesome hahaha <3 can't wait to see some awesome pictures!

  2. OMG!!! I love you. that one sentence was a bit wrong but something tells me that if it wasn't you wouldn't have been able to make that joke :P any who I am so glad your having a good time in Ireland and I guess it must suck to know that when you get back to the states they are so going to card you, so enjoy drinking over there and you should toes get a pic of the Guinness factory. <3 and miss you