Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Things About Dublin

They sell Cadbury mini eggs year round. I KNOW, RIGHT? Seriously, it's fantastic. Except that it's probably not the best idea to eat pounds and pounds of them a day. I'm pretty sure they're laced with craic. Oh, see what I did there?

People say, "cheers," a lot. It's kind of adorable.

The ocean's only a few kilometers from the city and you can walk there. I haven't tried this yet, mostly because I only found out about it today, but I'm definitely going to. I also want to try just following the Liffey for a few hours and see where I end up.

Irish cheddar cheese isn't the same as American cheddar cheese. It's not bad, but I miss my Cabot! Their parmesan is different, too. More bitter. Also, mature cheese means sharp. It took me a couple minutes to figure out that one.

The Irish like Judge Judy? I'm not totally sure on this one, but I've tried watching TV twice since I got here, and it's been on both times. And I only have about five channels.

There are approximately 893 different sorts of Irish accents. Or something. Anyway, there are a lot, and they're all fantastic. I can't come close to telling them all apart, though.

This one doesn't really go with the title, but that's okay. Tomorrow, a bunch of us are going to a crypt in the basement of a church. With mummies. Again, I KNOW, RIGHT? I'm wicked stoked. I actually wanted to be an archeologist back in the day, before I realized that archeology was more than just, "Oh, hey! I just found an ancient civilization!" and that actually it probably wouldn't be that at all.

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