Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not a Squirrel

I swear, everyday at work, at least someone comments on my voice. They're always like, "I love it! It's so cute!" and I never know what to say, because really my voice is awful. Actually, that's usually what I do say. I'm always like, "Aw, thanks! It's awful, though!" because what else is there?

I've had people tell me I should be a voice actor, for little animated woodland creatures. Little squirrels and chipmunks that squeak.

I did have one person tell me I should be an actress. That was pretty cool, actually, though I have no idea how she decided that after only about a minute of knowing me. (And of course, I couldn't ever. Acting's totally fun, but I'm really awful at it. Seriously, I've tried. I was in theatre in high school, and it was ridiculously fun and amazing. But I couldn't, and can't, do it. I just end up giggling. I swear, the play could be about the most depressing thing ever-- volcanos could be engulfing villages, killing all of the towns' babies, and then someone will look at me and I'll just start cracking up. It's terrible, really.)

I've had other people say that I look just like my voice, which I'm still not sure how to take. (Hopefully it doesn't mean that I look like a little animated woodland creature).

I wonder what my voice will end up as when I'm old. Probably really awkward. I look younger than I am, and even though everyone always says that I will appreciate it when I'm older, I totally expect to just look weird. Like, a baby face with lines and wrinkles. Wicked attractive.


  1. <3 awww!!! I absolutely love your voice especially when you say "BIII-TCH!" It makes my day :) You are amazing and don't u forget it! <3

  2. And when I say a-pizza pie-a?

    Miss your face!

  3. Hhahahaha Awww hun. <3 I don't know if I could see you as a voice over for little woodland critters. I would love to see a depressing play about volcanos erupting and destroying whole villages and watch you giggle on stage. That's just so Ashley. Hahahahahaha. <3 I misssss youuuuuuuuuu!!!

  4. Haha that makes me sound like a serial killer, or a psychopath or something. Thanksssss, betch <3