Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's my last day of being a teenager and I get to clean toilets. Fun.

At my work, a different employee everyday gets the amazingly amazing task of cleaning the bathrooms. So, naturally, I get to do it today, the day before I turn old. I'm totally stoked, in case you couldn't tell.

I mean, cleaning everything sucks on any day. It's awful, disgusting, and just torture, really. But the day before your 20th birthday is just mean. You're supposed to get to have fun, because it's pretty much your last day of being young.

My only hope is that Crazy Lady* will remember my birthday, but also realize that I'm (at least) not working on my birthday and bring me an awesome present. That would make today a little better, yeah?

*See that linky thing I just did? I figured it out in, like, a second. Maybe even less. Yeah, I can do technology. Once in a while. (Just 'once' would work, too, probably.)


  1. awwww hun I'm sorry you had to cleans toliets before your bday but at least u don't have to work on ur bday! :) <3 I hope crazy lady remembers ur bday!!! <3 love you! this post made me giggle

  2. Thanks, Flyry! Crazy Lady didn't come today, unfortunately :( Maybe she'll leave me something tomorrow, though? :D

    Haha. Life's weird.