Thursday, March 10, 2011

What it's like right now

Remember that last day of school when you were little? How everyone was so excited for the never ending sleepovers and tag and ice cream for breakfast and beaches that the teachers didn't even try to settle you down?

(Aw, nostalgia again.)

Well, today was almost like that. I mean, not totally, and not really even until my last class, but the energy was the same. The window was open, with wind pouring in at a million miles an hour. And the rain was staying out. And it was golden sunny. And we were (are) about to be free-er than we'll probably be ever again.

Spring Break. In Europe. No responsibilities. No homework, even. In Europe. Yes.

Our professor let us out early, because she's awesome like that.

Oh, and PS, I officially know what I'm doing for break! Sort of! I'm going to Cork on Saturday, and staying for five nights, or maybe more (but probably not), and it's gonna be amazing. I booked my hostel and everything, just a few hours ago. (And I'm pretty sure I didn't mess it up at all, either! But, I have my fingers crossed, just in case.) I'm not bringing my laptop, so I'll probably not have access to internet or anything, but I'm prettttyyyy sure I won't care.

I'll have more details tomorrow. And then? I'm gone! :)

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