Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Year

Jess, Ryan, Me, Meg

It's my favorite Megan's 21st birthday today. For the past two months, a lot of my favorite people have been getting older. Without me. As much as I adore it here, sometimes I wish I could jump back to New England to celebrate with them. And to play in their eighty kajillion feet of snow. But mostly, just to be with them. I haven't seen them in ages.

Last year, sophomore year, was one of my favorite years ever. Except for a couple bits of drama, which'll always happen, anyway, it was like a never ending laugh.

It was that year we started to say, "toes," instead of, "totally," and saying "'n shit," at the end of everything. Oh, and, "a shit ton of ketchup," after Velvet asked for exactly that one late night, ordering food over the phone. Oh, and then Velvet, with her mad New York axing powers, taught us this rhyme about killing Crypts and watching your favorite color drip, and it was pretty legit. We said it all the time when she was around, just to (lovingly) torture her, of course. It's what any good friends would do.

Me and Velvet. She pretty much taught me how to be a Gangsta.

We almost died a couple of times (well, I did, especially), and we completely trashed kitchens making cupcakes with extra chocolate chips and no mixer. We discovered Bo Burnham and played him loudly in public until the neighbors yelled at us to turn it off, even though I'm pretty sure they couldn't actually hear the lyrics. Their revenge was to knock on our door with brownies that were so bad, we couldn't even find any boys willing to eat them.

We hid from horror movies and mirrors, and decided that the dorm was haunted. (Though, who knows? It might have been. Our TV was sketchy, at least.)

Yeah, we were watching Ghost Adventures. That's what cool people do, you know.

We heard that NASA was going to bomb the moon, and reacted. According to the depths of my facebook, we reacted by, "running to Champlain Farms and getting fun dip, and then running back to the dorm singing, "It's My Life," and making posters about being sad about the moon being blown up. " Oh, and, funny story, we also got stopped by the police that night, because we were being so loud, but we didn't actually get into trouble. I can't believe I only just remembered that. It was a pretty fun night.

It was a pretty fun year.

Easter Grass Fight!

I could go on and on, but really what I'm trying to say is that, everyone back home? I miss you guys! But, all that stuff? It's not over, yet. This summer is going to be the most lovely and ridiculous yet. Life should only ever get better, so that's what I'm gonna make it do. <3


  1. This is my fave post <3 I love you darling and I miss those fun times too :( but you're right, life can only get better I mean look at you, you're in ireland!!!! crazy!!! :D

  2. Awwwww! I miss youuu! I wish we could go have a few drinks together legally. But if you came home you'd be underage, and I don't have the money to fly over AND pay for my alcohol, too. :( Hopefully next year we'll be able to still do things and make up for a lost semester of time together. <3