Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Live

I'm going back to work at the Christmas Tree Shop in the morning. Seven hours. It's going to be the first time this year. (Stoked, right?) So, I figured, what better thing to post than a poem partly to do with being lazy? Well, it's more than just that, but still.

Anyway, as always, I heart comments. Is it good? Bad? Wicked awful? How can I make it better?

Oh, and it's probably obvious, but I wrote this a while ago. I've been editing it every once in a while over a few months, but I started it on that first beautiful day in March. Even though the grass was dead, it wasn't covered in snow, and the air was full of crisp warmth and amazingness. All anyone wanted to do was lie down in the sun.

Just Live

let’s do nothing today
just lie down on the wet dirt
khaki straw grass and airy sun.
just live.

we can say
all those things we need to
and never do.

let’s pick at the grass
still dead
from that long winter.
it falls apart
so easily
in your fingers when you pull.

we don't have to race to the sky
right now.
climbing the criss-crossing
roads on top bridges
can wait.

we can do life slowly.
we can shut our eyes
from everything you don’t want.
all those falling stars.

we can,
can't we, just stay here
lying in the grass,
eyes shut in the glowing.

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  1. awww I like it! :) I like when you do the ee cummings stuff and disregard all rules of capitalization. <3 Awesome stuff! Sorry you have to go back to the Christmas Tree Shop but hey, it's a job right? Good luck sweetie!