Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Blog,

I promise that someday I will be a good blogger. The kind that doesn't go nearly 20 days without a post. Someday.

Anyhoo, remember that post about technology hating me? Well, tomorrow I get to find out just how much loathing it really does hold for me. Last Thursday, my poor macbook suffered an awful water spilling accident at the hands of my little brother. (Incidentally, I typoed awful as awfuk, which was pretty much my reaction when I found out what happened). My laptop's been drying off since then, but tomorrow I get to find out whether it's totally dead or not.

Actually, funny story about that. My iPod was still kinda half dead, and it couldn't hold all of my music, so a few days before my laptop became the Titanic, I ordered a new one. Naturally, said new one didn't come in until a few days ago, too late for me to transfer all my iTunes. Sighhhhh.

That's not my only tragic story, though. If anything, this one beats my laptop sadness. It deals with freezie pops. Or, more specifically, "Fla-Vor-Ice," whatever that means. Seriously, namers of delicious frozen treats, bad job.

It's been really (really, really, really, really) hot on Cape lately. And ridiculously (ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously) muggy. Freezie pops were clearly in order. So I nabbed the box pretty much as soon as they were colder than lukewarm. It takes way too long for them to freeze, and the melty bits are always the best parts anyway. Anyway, I'm ripping the popsicles apart, trying to get to a red or pink one, and a blue one totally tears open. Oh, shit. It spills all over the kitchen counter as I'm wondering whether to try to eat/drink/whatevs that one or toss it. I decide to grab another. This time I get a red one.. Annnddd it totally spills, too. Everywhere. Except this time, it kind of looks like blood. Really bright, koolaidish blood, but still. All over the counters.

I give up and have a fudgesicle instead. But it was bitter. (Except not really. Fudesicles are even better than freezie pops).


Cross your fingers for my laptop! Or at least my hard drive.

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