Monday, April 19, 2010

Banana Boat

(I'm not entirely sure about the title. I had it as 'Faded' before, but I thought that sounded too depressing, especially since I don't really consider this poem to be that at all, really. Tell me what you think!!)


Early nights,
the sky glows cobalt, not
ready for the stars.

Watching our Crazy Snake Man
Steve Irwin
in big T-shirts and drying hair.
Surrounded by armies of Beast Wars
and the Barbies they always saved.

The sunscreen that turned our skin
the colors of popsicles
long washed away by
fun noodle gymnastics
and splashing to catch tiny shrimp
tickling our feet in tide pools.

Those sunscreen summers so
full of Kool-Aid
Bursts and collected beach glass

faded by the days
I thought I'd always have.

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