Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Ride a Bus in Burlington

We celebrated Meg's birthday yesterday. And by yesterday, I mean last night; we didn't start until 9:00-10:00. Until then, we were way too busy rushing around. Ryan and I had some adventures, though, like--

Okay, so our biggest stop was Price Chopper, but first we had to go to Bank North to get some money out. So we ran downtown and did that, grabbing some lollipops since neither of us had eaten yet and obviously lollipops are fantastic breakfast/lunch/it's-almost-supper-but-I'm-hungry-now-things. We were pretty quick, I think, but we had pretty bad timing. We had to wait legit an hour for the Shelbourne bus to get there. In the cold. And the wind. It was fun. Actually, it wasn't that bad. Just cold.

Coming back, though, we didn't really know the bus schedule. We asked a couple workers at Price Chopper, but they didn't know, either. We decided just to go, then, and wait another hour if we had to. As we were getting closer, though, we saw the bus at the bus stop. Which was on the other side of the street and still pretty far away, really. So, we started running. I was holding eggs and something else (can't say yet :) ) kinda fragile, so I was sort of just clinging on to them and hoping they didn't all break. We darted in front of traffic (it's a busy street) and somehow managed not to get hit (I contribute this to my awesome ninja powers, which obviously I have). And managed to make the bus. Without breaking a single egg, which I was pretty sure I had. It was a proud moment. My story isn't over yet, though. No. After almost missing the bus/dying, we got off about eight stops early.

It was dark out. In the dark, houses often look the same, so Ryan thought we were closer to the dorm than we actually were. And I, well I'm not usually (or ever) much of a help in such things since I have no sense of direction. Legit. So, we got off and started walking. Slowly, we started realizing that, hey, we're not actually near Champlain. Shit. So, we just kind of wandered around. We luckily had the lake so we knew the general direction of the dorm but, yeah, we were more than kinda lost. Wings drivers, though, are amazing. Because we ran into one, and he was like, "yeah, I know where all the dorms are in Vermont," and he gave us directions. And we got home. And we didn't die. In my experience, not dying is always good.


  1. hahahahahahahaha that's basically how it went! :P Thank you so much for your help Ashley, it was a great time! Love you! <3

  2. Hahahahhahaahahaha you guys are the best. You go through shit like this just for me! Awwww!!!!! MUCH love!